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Beach Fun

Sandcastle building is easy! We even supply the tools
Our beach is always everyone's favourite part of Beach Acres! Whether is warm and you're walking barefoot through the tidal pools or you slap on a pair of gumboots and explore the coastal marine life, our beach is sure to delight.

Beach Acres is located on the spectacular Rathtrevor Beach, in Parksville, BC.  where the tide goes out so far you'll barely be able to see where the water begins again. You can spend hours playing games, collecting seashells, finding crabs or just exploring our shores

The tide is up.   Clam shells are a common find...   The tide out...

Want to build a sandcastle? We have the tools to help you get started! Ask our lovely staff to lend you one of our buckets and a shovel.

There is lots of fun to be had...   There are lots of seashells to find   and miles and miles of open sand

Want to plan your day around the tide? Parksville’s Tide charts can assist you. These charts are provided based on the 24 hour clock and have both metric and imperial information – and you can pick the year and day you want to look up. Here are some basic rules of thumb for reading tide charts

More beach fun!
  • There are 2 low tides and 2 high tides
    per day
  • The low and high tide times advance by approximately 45 minutes every 24 hours with the moon cycle
  • The lower the number (in feet or metres) the lower the tide. The higher the number (in feet or metres) the higher the tide.

Bring your buckets, shovels, imagination and sun screen and get ready for a day of family fun!

Fun on the water


We've added some toys for you to have some fun on the water! You can now paddle board to take a scenic tour of the bay or just play around with the water. Want to go with friends or the whole family? We have 2 paddleboards  available. Call our front desk to book ahead of time or let us know when you arrive.  Make sure you check the Rathtrevor tide charts when you book.
Cost per two hours of paddleboard rental:

  • $30 for 2 hours
  • $40 for 4 hours
  • $60 for 8 hours
Please note: We recommend that you bring and wear a life jacket!